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Since Mac OS X was introduced, there has been a consistent pattern with point upgrades.

One upgrade introduces a design variation with a slew of new features, the next one consolidates and optimises. After the post big-cat overhaul that was Mavericks, you'd be forgiven for expecting a set of cautious minor tweaks - but instead we have an OS X iteration that's bursting with new features, building on Mavericks rather than streamlining.

Unless you’re running on the highest spec hardware Vista can take minutes to start up.

Mac OS X starts up from a cold boot in about 25 seconds on a current-gen Mac Book Pro.

The difference between Mac and Windows in this respect is the difference between broadband and dialup internet.

Back in the 90s many people couldn’t see the point of paying extra for an always-on internet service as “it only takes a minute to connect using the dialup…” I always shake my head in bemusement when I read about Microsoft working on dramatically shortening boot time on Windows.

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It has a great picture and everything works like it is supposed too. My TV started not wanting to come on or had no picture after 3 or 4 years of use.Boot time shouldn’t be such a pivotal issue if suspend and resume worked well.Mac users probably reboot their Mac on average about once a month — and often only to install an OS update. Rebooting a Windows PC can be such a painful experience that you really procrastinate doing it.This article deals with font usage in OS X Panther 10.3.x through mac OS Sierra 10.12.x.Its main purpose is to show you where fonts are located on your system and which can be safely removed.

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