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Despite the obvious importance of maintaining and updating electrical wiring, faulty wiring remains one of the most common causes of fire in historic buildings.A surprisingly large number of buildings still retain wiring installed in the mid 19th century and, in some cases, the earliest forms of wiring are still in use, presenting a constant threat not only to the building and its contents, but also its occupants.The Electrical Regulations, BS 7671: 2001 state that electrical wiring should be regularly tested.In Guidance Notes Number 3, a supplement of BS 7601, a table gives recommended frequency of testing for various buildings.It is an unseen problem, and often not even the owners are aware of the situation.In churches, which are subject to regular architectural quinquennial surveys but not always to electrical quinquennial surveys, the risk may be understood but may not be dealt with due to a lack of funds.

Electrical capacity can be easilyincreased by bringing additional capacity in from the street and adding a largerpanel board between the service entry and the existing panel.

The situation is not helped by English Heritage and the Heritage Lottery rarely providing funds for the replacement of old, dangerous electrical wiring unless it can be claimed as part of the building work.

However, wiring within a listed historic building is now not subject to VAT providing that listed building consent has been granted for the work.

They also passed through wood in porcelain tubes that protected the rubberized cloth fabric from damage.

This practice had a hot wire and a neutral wire that were run separately for safety and so they could be spliced together.

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After that, he recommends getting a quick follow-up inspection every five years.

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