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The last one almost NONE of you will be able to do! We're having trouble displaying this Scratch project.You probably didn't need to hear all that did you lol, i should of just said coarse not, i said theres no hentai in this, most of creams dates involve helping her cook, gaining confidence, having fun, picking flowers, and other cute stuff, from time to time you might have a serious conversion with her (like about her mother etc), thats all, when you eventually go out with her, the most you'll do is hold hands and that won't even show. its alright, don't sweat ithmmm, maaaaybe, im still trying to draw a good silver and espio, my sonic,tails and knuckles are alright, i can see where you're coming from, a dating sim for the girls, but thats why im not sure if i should, i don't want to sound like a sexist but since im a guy i don't know how girls think, and if girls play the girl version of it, they might get offend cuz its so stereotypical, in other words i can't really do it from their point of view, in other words if i do make one for girls and the people play that version, they'll think "so thats how he thinks girls would respond", i just dunnowell thats what i mean, i said i didn't play sonic chronicles so i have no clue who those characters are and their personality and traits (angry, shy etc), and maybe i'll put them in, their story may not be that good cuz i don't know them as well as the rest of them, just give me an idea of what they might say to certain responses.

If you're on a computer, your Flash player might be disabled, missing, or out of date. goku,ssj1 goku, ssj3 goku, vegeta, ssj1 vegeta ssj2 vegeta, sonic, super sonic, super sonic 3, shadow, super shadow, super shadow 3 scene creator.

- ok, don't get hurt Amy seems gratefulbye Sonic please use constructive criticismbyesorry to say but im thinking of cancelling it, unless i get a lower graded adobe flash, in other words the one i have makes it too complicated, so i have made little to no progress, once i find a ag3 (i think its three) i will get back on it, never drew cosmos or vanilla before but if people demand it, i have no choise but to learn, but i rather have people to tell me to draw than me thinking about doing it but in the end never bother, i'll only draw/create stuff if people are patient and expecting it, thats enough motive for me (knowing people are waiting for it makes me get off my lazy a** and do it), in short i appreciate the ideas and patience, its still gonna be a while until i find a simpler flash...maker...program...thingthanks for giving me the idea...hmmmm the only characters i can think of from the comics is bunnie rabbot and sally, i don't want too many characters in it, so many different personalities to keep track of), if you want both bunnie rabbot AND sally, who would you replace? Personally Mina's a fave of mine from the comics, but can understand if Sally and Bunnie are more recognizable.

As much as I like Tikal and Wave I would switch them out since ones like Amy and Rouge are fan faves.yep, i was thinking of having other playable characters in it as well (tails knuckles etc), but that would be tooo much work (changing the responses and attitude) like for instance tails may have more of a relationship with cream, Wave and Tikal but not as much Rouge, Amy and Blaze, while sonic as quite a solid relationship with all of them (some more than others). Anyway, do you plan on making a female version of the Dating Sim, where you use Amy and you have dates with the male characters like Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Espio, etc?

- *smiles* yep, good luck Amy seems happy a:-1= you think so?

- err, well m-maybe notamy seems lost for wordsa:0= maybe, i'll take a look around for you ok?

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Time travel has been an important aspect of Flash storylines in the comics for decades, and now The Flash is wading into those waters and will be establishing its own rules in that regard.

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