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Remember a story a couple of months back, when Alissa Bereznak, a Gizmodo writer (of all people) bashed Magic: the Gathering World Championship Jon Finkel for being too nerdy, after meeting him on a dating site? That’s Melissa Dinwiddie singing Online Dating Blues in Las Vegas. Just a sweet song about online dating right at the moment, when we all thought nothing like this was possible. But think again, and better yet, watch the following video. v=f U1x8Ll62QE This one went viral last year and did a lot to restore my hope for humanity, although not for Danish singers – those are hopeless.

Well, this is a song that fights back, but never steps over the line of a typical online rage. Except, I wonder why Finkel’s name is not mentioned once throughout the song. The sincerity expressed here, on top of the sheer beauty of her voice, even managed to convince the folks over at Online Dating Industry Journal to feature the song on their blog. v=4v Vd WHADKto&feature=player_embedded Can’t you see, we are breaking stereotypes here? But yes, things like this makes me believe we are all making the world a little better, or in the very least, a little quirkier in a good, innocent, fun way.

"Once you have an audience, you can make money," says Courtney Holt, a former Myspace Music executive and head of Maker, founded by top You Tube filmmakers.

"Generating an audience is really hard." Psy proved this last year when "Gangnam Style" reached more than 1 billion hits and he made an estimated 0,000 to million in revenue, depending on what source you believe.

But I still like the video, since the singer actually looks like she rather enjoyed all her web adventures before the computer broke.

And I’ve got to note that since the family managed to upload the video on the net, the relationship must have worked out just fine, unlike in the next instance. v=w JPN2u3Lrp U Oh, this one’s good on several levels. v=ikv PSp30y Zg Let’s have a professional performance for a change.

True View also encourages you to include a message with your Spark, as this improves your chance of a response.

Head over to You Tube, click on a recent video from any category, pause it and then hit the left and up arrow keys at the same time.

You don't have permission to access /onlinedatingvideos/funny/on this server.

Here’s what I dug up in the pile of sarcasm, known as the world’s biggest video-sharing website. v=Jm OURm SGPec Let’s face it, online dating is an easy target, and in essence, this song takes jabs at it in the most cliche way possible.

Dozens of Internet performers and comedians have done this to death.

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