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Tastefully done (no nudity, though suggestive in places), this series mostly involves Foamy the Squirrel ranting about his peeve of the day, while Germaine, his owner, tries her best to ignore Foamy and write bad poetry. Cemetery Flakes (01/14/2003) - Germaine catches up on her stargazing while lying in a graveyard. Foamy Fan Mail (03/28/2003) - Foamy replies to five emails from fans. The remainder of this writeup contains a complete episode guide, up to 06/12/2003, updated as IWP releases new episodes. Shower of Terror (01/06/2003) - Germaine does a variation on the Psycho/Scream bathing scene, with the obvious "surprise" ending. Foamy speaks for the first time, and practices a little amatuer necromancy. First speaking role other than Foamy (not Germaine). We learn Foamy's name for the first time (in the episode, not counting the title of "Foamy Thoughts"). Almost Serious Suicide (02/07/2003) - Germaine contemplates suicide while Foamy taunts her. lol, so random 3.) Shut up mom, Skrillex is god I'll be honest, I have mixed feelings regarding the matter of Jonothan Ian Mathers and his work.

These lazy fucking bastards just fucking piss me off and watch out for guys that call you by pet names more than they do your own name, and if they ever refer to you as "my girl" you drop that fucker like a rock and not to get down on all you guys.

If this was made to truly satirize Mathers then I'm sure you would've been wise enough to watch all of his content to critique something other than what every other parody has already said.

I warn you that it'll be hard to rebuke the critique I give you now as you've already said this: "I hope that's not an edgy reference to something said by ill Will Press because I've never watched more than 10 seconds of anything created by them." Methinks you watched a couple Neurotically Yours parodies and drew in only the most common elements among them to create this parody.

Neurotically Yours - A flash animation series by Jonathan Ian Mathers of Ill Will Press ( With the cheese, the cheesy cheesy creamy cheesy, cheesy cheesy.

This series follows the non-adventures of Germaine the goth chick and her pet squirrel, Foamy. A Postal Event (02/28/2003) - Germaine waits in line to mail a package while Foamy annoys the other people in line with her. Club Advice (03/14/2003) - Germaine sits at a table in the back of a club, writing poetry, while Foamy rants about the how pathetic her life seems. A Musical view (04/11/2003) - Foamy rants about Metallica while Germaine listens to music. " Hypnotic Foamy (04/24/2003) - Germaine reads while Foamy tries to hypnotize her. A Poetic Meal (05/08/2003) - Germaine orders fast food in a slightly unconventional manner.

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