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Spectroscopic observations at these wavelengths are used in abundance determinations, Observations of NGC 6543 at far-infrared wavelengths (about 60 μm) reveal the presence of stellar dust at low temperatures.

The dust is believed to have formed during the last phases of the progenitor star's life.

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Structurally, the object has had high-resolution images by the Hubble Space Telescope revealing knots, jets, bubbles and complex arcs, being illuminated by the central hot planetary nebula nucleus (PNN).

Its small bright inner nebula subtends an average of 16.1 arcsec, with the outer prominent condensations about 25 arcsec.

Huggins' observations revealed that the nebula's spectrum was non-continuous and made of a few bright emission lines, first indication that planetary nebulae consist of tenuous ionised gas.

NGC 6543 is a high northern declination deep-sky object and is near the apparent position of the North Ecliptic Pole.

It has the combined magnitude of 8.1, with high surface brightness.

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