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The Vatican's population is less than 1000 and is approximately 0.44 square km.

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They are ideal to celebrate the birthday of the mother or the father, grandfather or grandmother or a friend. There may be a thousand reasons to come to Rome together and enjoy the family and friends as if you were at home.

They could be ideal even for groups of business travelers who have to stay in the capital for few days.

On Twitter, Venerabilis has spoken out against Pope Francis’ allegations of a ‘gay lobby’ within the Vatican. ‘The problem is not gay priests but lying stupid thieves.’ The added: ‘The gay lobby in the Vatican?

‘Pope Francis talks about a gay lobby in the Vatican. Just an excuse to reform the Roman Curia or TO DESTROY the Catholic Church from the inside.’ A local newspaper has also alleged in the Italian region of Luguria, where Genoa is the main city, many of the priests are gay.

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