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However, it is not known whether Dicuil is speaking about Iceland, as Gaelic hermits also settled in other islands of the north such as Orkney and Shetland.

Several Icelandic toponyms have been linked to the Papar, including the island of Papey, as well as the Vestmannaeyjar ("islands of the Westmen") but no archaeological evidence in these places has yet confirmed the link.

Another theory is that the two sources were conflated and that Þorgilsson based his history on the writings of Dicuil.

The most important musical developments were the establishment and codification of the repertory of plainsong chants of the Mass and Offices, which would serve as the structural basis for countless secular as well as sacred compositions in ensuing centuries; the rise of polyphonic techniques and forms; and the development of metrical rhythms and principles of rhythmic organization.

The Catholic Church valued music greatly and the earliest Christmas songs date from 4th century (the earliest known is Jesus refulsit omnium by St. Saint Ambrose of Milan (340-97) wrote at least a dozen hymns including "Veni Redemptor gentium" ("Redeemer of the nations, come"), all of which have eight 4-line stanzas; musicologists cannot determine with certainty whether he wrote the melodies also.

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The Americas, Africa, and Asia are home to the majority of Evangelicals.

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