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On this website, you will find documentations of Centreon and all it's addons.This documentations give you key point to integrate Centreon in your environment and more preciously Centreon Web, Centreon Broker, and Centreon Engine.This documentations will present the main steps of Setup, Configuration and Upgrade.For OSS products, documentations are stored in the different projects repositories (git).

On the central server, the remote poller seems to respond to all poller management commands: # centreon -u admin -p password -a POLLERtest -v 2 Warning: Nagios Poller 2 can restart but configuration is not optimal. RPM are available directly on the Centreon repository.The last versions of centreon-web Centreon Engine is a new generation of monitoring engine developped for Centreon.The injured pilot's life is not in danger, Longueuil police said.Two other people were also taken to hospital for shock.

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If this is not the case, consider using our turnkey solution CES (Centreon Enterprise Server) that lets you install supervision platform very easily.

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